Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thing 15: Screencasts

I did not think that Screen-O-Matic was hard to use for the first time. I did do something very simple, and I plan to go back and try some more difficult things until I feel comfortable using it. I think my students would enjoy using it to explain how to do something. I know when I was in grad school one of my teachers used Camtasia a lot to explain how to do things. I think it could be very beneficial for a teacher to use. My audio was not great. I think next time I will use my snowball to record. I also moved my mouse around too much. We can only learn from our mistakes. I did enjoy learning how to do it and plan to go back and use it again. Here it is:


  1. Nice job for your first attempt. I don't think the mouse movement was that bad, but I agree that the sound quality was the greatest deficit. Give yourself a break - you are in the learning stages!

  2. Thanks for the "pass!" I am definitely stepping out of my circle of confidence. I am also a perfectionist, so I will make sure I figure it out.