Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thing 17: What is a Wiki?

I really enjoy using Wikis because I think they are a great place to collaborate with others. I like the fact that a Wiki is not necessarily about adding new content daily or weekly, but improving the existing content over time by people adding to it. The biggest difference of a blog and a wiki to me is that a blog is usually maintained by one person. A wiki is more of a platform that anyone can add to or update at anytime. I think it is easier to access archived information on Wikis and update that information. Blogs can get confusing at times because the entries are in reverse chronological order. I found some great Wiki ideas from the ones I perused. There was one on Western Expansion that was awesome. I think I am going to model my own Wiki after that one. As I have mentioned in earlier posts my team is starting a new unit on Western Expansion, and I was planning on creating a wiki for this unit. This has really spurred me on. Another wiki I enjoyed was one called "Welcome to the Webster Class Wiki." It was a Wiki that consisted of second and third graders. They had lessons and comments from the students in each discipline. It also spurred my thinking. I also loved Greetings from Around the World where the students used Gloster to share about their home countries. Last but not least, I really enjoyed the Kindergarten Counting Book. All of these wikis are very motivating.

I also looked at Wikihow, and I really enjoyed it. I never knew about that Wiki before. I think you can learn just about anything from that Wiki. I thought the Simpson Wiki was pretty funny if you are into the Simpsons. There are some great Wikis out there! I enjoy learning from them.

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  1. You are becoming even more tech savvy. How tech proficient are your team teachers? A wiki may be a great way to help them gain more tech skills.