Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thing 19: Podcasting

I really do enjoy making podcasts in my classroom. We recently made podcasts in the classroom. We just finished studying Texas Indians. My class was separated in tribes and they become the experts on that particular tribe. They then wrote a script together to podcast. They added jingles and pictures. They really enjoyed this. We also started to edit them and delete any audio where they may have made a mistake. It was a great learning curve for all of us.

I found itunes to be the easiest to work with. On Educational Podcast Network, I found it very hard to download. When I tried to add it to my Start Page, I had a very difficult time doing it as well. I did download some podcasts and have been listening to them.

These are the ones I downloaded to my itunes.
English through Stories
Tech Chick Tips
Grammar Girl
Math Dude
Princeton Review Vocabulary Minute
Joel Osteen

I really enjoy Tech Chick Tips. I find them funny and motivational. I also enjoy Grammar Girls and Math Dude. They are both very practical. I also enjoy Joel Olsteen because he is so positive. I have really enjoyed this assignment because I have never downloaded podcasts before. I know that I will enjoy listening to them and learning!


  1. What program are you using to record your podcasts?

  2. We are a Mac school, so we use Garage Band.

  3. Oh...we are a PC school and most of us use Audacity - a free program.