Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thing 23: Reflections

I think 23 things is a great thing. I would definitely do it again. I would love to learn the next 23 things. It really has not changed my opinion about Web 2.0 tools, but it made me really experiment with them. I really enjoyed and I learned so much that I am integrating into my own teaching. It is definitely the way of the future. Some of my favorite tools were blogging, mashups, netvibes, flickr, and podcasting. To me it is a miracle I even found this self-paced exercise. I have learned so much. Please let me know if you add to the 23 things. I think it will help us all be better teachers in the 21st century.


  1. I think your participation speaks volumes in terms of how Web 2.0 technologies connect us in ways that were not possible in the past.

    Thank you for participation in the project and congratulations on completing all 23 Things.

  2. You have offered so much through your personal experiences with the 23 Things and your blog posts.