Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thing 18: Work with a Wiki

I enjoyed playing around on the wiki. I thought it was very easy. I then did the medium assignment. I signed up to join Wikipedia. I added a little to the school article, but I am not sure that it went into the right place. I am going to research this more when I have more time. I read some other articles that interested me, and I edited one for a grammar mistake. I then went to the medium to hard assignment. I really enjoyed Wikia. It looked like people were writing about their passions. I loved the one on recipes, because I enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes. I did not sign up for an account yet, but I probably will. I just want to peruse it a little more before I do.

I think it was easy to contribute, but I just wanted to make sure that I was doing it correctly. I thought about that later and realized that if I added something that was not correct someone could edit it for me. When I was in Grad school, we used a moddle a few times for discussions and to upload our work. I really don't see how the wiki and the moodle are alike. People did not go and edit my work on the moodle. It was more of a discussion forum that we had to contribute to. I think if you taught older students you could have them edit wikis for an assignment, or they couldlook for information that is not correct through their research. I use Wikipedia in my classroom when we are doing a quick research. I do like the idea that wiki are open for collaboration.

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